Room Description Phone Area / sqft
4-007 Battery Testing Laboratory x30481 509
4-057 Microscopy Laboratory x38035 206
4-061 General Electrochemistry Laboratory x88444 917
4-211 Thermodynamics Laboratory x54768 1,488
8-035 Molten Oxide Electrolysis Laboratory x22383 819

4-007 – Battery Testing Laboratory

High temperature battery experiments under controlled environment are performed in this laboratory. This facility is outfitted with two gloveboxes, which are customized with furnace wells for complete inert atmosphere battery testing. This laboratory has the capacity to test 5 V batteries from 1A to 200 A.

4-057 – Microscopy Laboratory

This laboratory is dedicated to optical microscopy and is equipped with Olympus inverted reflected light and stereo microscopes, as well as polishing wheel and vacuum oven for sample casting.

4-061 – General Electrochemistry Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with a fume hood and schlenk line, glove box, high temperature furnace, several galvano-potentiostats, and several high temperature tube furnaces for general materials preparation and electrochemical characterization.

4-211 – Thermodynamics Laboratory

Thermodynamic properties are measured by electrochemical methods in this laboratory, as well as materials preparation for battery experiments.  This lab has a 4-bay inert atmosphere glovebox with custom bottom-loading anti-chamber for air sensitive sample preparation;   a thermal analyzer (combine DSC/TGA/Mass Spec) for phase and decomposition behavior analysis;  two potentiostat-galvanostats-FRAs for electrochemical measurements; four 1200 °C crucible furnaces used for conducting electrochemical measurements at elevated temperatures; an arc-melter for metal alloy preparation; a automatic hydraulic axial press for pressing pellets; and various tools such as diamond saw and mini-lathe for materials preparation.  This lab also hosts post-doctoral scholar offices and a conference room.

8-035 – Molten Oxide Electrolysis Laboratory

This laboratory is dedicated to the development of high temperature molten oxide electrolysis and is outfitted with several high temperature (1800 °C) vertical tube furnaces, gas handling equipment, and electrochemical testing equipment.